How and where to find my security key number (Toshiba Satellite)

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  1. Do you mean wireless security key?
  2. Toshiba satalite laptop. Working great. Security key that allows connectivity to internet only.
  3. It is a new PC not a problem. Not going to purchase another one. I am on my old one now. 2 is enough. I had no prior warning of a security key and as far as I know it only connects to internet. All instructions are in the PC so no access. 2 very small pamphlets came with it. They say nothing of operation. Not even how to plug it in. I ran spybot and mallware 20 hrs. before it shut down and no problem other than slowing down when I opened multiple sights. No warning of security problems or need for update. Did just open windows so there is a connection there.
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