Galaxy nvidia geforce gt 440 2gb good graphics card?

Just want your opinions on this card and if it will be able to run modern games. My current graphics card is a PNY nvidia geforce gt 240 1 gb and it runs starcraft 2 on ultra with no frame rate issues, so im assuming this new card should be at least able to run quite a few games
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  1. should be, compare the spec on each card. if they are the same, expect the same. if one is lower, expect it respectively.
  2. if you upgrade from GT 240 to Gt 440 you may only get 10% improvement

    If you feel no good with GT 240 even upgrade to GT440 won't help

    here is some reference..
  3. thanks for that link sonex, really cool
    10% improvement is fine with me just wont to get rid of that buggy as hell gt 240
  4. The GT 440 basically a GT 240 with a factory overclock in terms of gaming performance. That the card is 2gb is a bad thing as the extra memory is useless on such a card and a 2gb card is definitely DDR3. If your GT 240 is DDR5 then you are downgrading performance. The GT 440 is also usually a rather poor choice for the money compared to other cards you could buy.
    Why don't you tell us you system specs and how much you are willing to spend rather than just asking about 1 card so we can give you real advice about what you actually should be buying.
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