Battlefield 3 and crysis on 1366x768

i currently have onboard hd3000 graphics

wanting to buy a graphics card to max out battlefield 3 and crysis. i k now crysis might run well a hd 6770 or 6790 it run well for me on a hd 4870 the recoomend for battlefield 3 is gtx 560 or hd 6950. i nkow at high a 560 non ti has a little trouble running it a 1680x1050 in dips below 40 fps on high in single player. have a 350 watt power supply looking to buy a 550 watt and graphics card like to keep it below 250. cpu is amd phenom II X4 980 and 8GB
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  1. running at that res, i dont think anything current in the mid level wont do well,
  2. define mid level
  3. brpeden82 said:
    define mid level

    AMD HD 6790(maybe),HD 6850, HD 6870, and HD 6950
    Nvidia GTX 550, GTX 560,GTX 560ti, and maybe the GTX 560 ti 448
  4. ok what the recomendation that practical
  5. ^6870 and above are mid high cards.
    @OP,a 670 or 6850 will do fine.for nvidi,550ti(i don't like it ) or 560.others are overkill.
  6. You'll probably need a 6870 to max BF3, a 6850 should run it on high.
  7. say i pick a 6850 or 6870 what power supply do you rocommend
  8. any good 500w~550w.xfx 550w is cheap and quality unit-
    for xfire grab a quality 650w.
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