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Desktop monitor for ps3?

This isnt supposed to be in the graphics card subsection I know, but that is the closest subsection there is to what this s about. So my question is, is there a desktop monitor under $150 that will also work with ps3? if not, is there an adapter or something that will work? Thanks :D
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  1. anything with an hdmi input should work fine
  2. regularguy290 said:
    anything with an hdmi input should work fine

    Your sure that would work? I don't intend to be questioning your knowledge, its just that I am building a computer for a guy at my highshool and he wants to use his monitor as both a desktop monitor as well as a monitor for his ps3. I don't know much in the way of monitor connections so I might just think its more complicated than it really is.
  3. Yes any monitor with a HDMI input will work. Keep in mind that not all monitors with HDMI in have speakers so that my be something he needs to look into also. If the monitor has speakers and accepts HDMI audio he should be good to go.

    The monitor that bobochez linked to would work just fine for HDMI audio and video with the PS3
  4. While it will work, there might be a matter of how well it will work. I know there was an issue when people first started doing this there was an issue with input lag on some screens. You might want to google the monitor your buying along with the term "PS3" and see what comes up.
  5. you can also just spring for the ps3 3d monitor ive heard it woks well with amd 3d as its just a monitor anyway and not a hdtv
  6. Bobo, seriously any monitor with a HDMI prort will work. I have done this since the PS3 came out and I am on my third monitor since then. The only issues are;
    1. Sound - does it have built-in speaker? Those that do typically come with like 2 watts. Luckily many also come with an audio out jack.
    2. Input ports. - Some come with 2 HDMI ports if you want to output both your desktop PC and PS3 with HDMI but this is rare. In my case I case I put the PS3 on HDMI and had the desktop on displayport which also carries sound.
    3. Size - get the biggest one you can find. Hell get a TV!
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    My PS3 works perfectly on my 27 inch samsung monitor , the picture quality is great and it picks up the HDMI signal without a hitch, you have nothing to worry about , it works as long as you have a monitor with HDMI input.
  8. Sigh.

    Of course, some users are stuck with a laggy display and have no plans (or cash) to upgrade to a speedier model. Fear not--you can still take steps to reduce the lag. Since all flat-screen displays have some lag, your goal should be to lower it to the point where you cease to notice it.

    Just saying double check the monitor before you buy it to see if there are any reported problems.
  9. ok thank oyu all very much! I found a monitor with a 2ms response time. It has hdmi and full hdcp support. There is one review saying that he hooked it up to his ps3 and it works like a charm. My friend also has headphones that he currently uses on his ps3 so audio won't be an issue.
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