Programs opening in wrong Monitor

I have one 5450 and a new 7750. The 5450 is driving two monitors (duplicated) and the 7750 is driving another one. When I open any program (Furmark, a game, whatever) it opens on the old 5450.

I have Tried: Switching monitor cables, Changing 'primary monitors' in windows and CCC, uninstalling/reinstalling CCC. Nothing works so far, any ideas?
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  1. Have you switched which PCIe slots the video cards are plugged into? It sounds like the 5450 is currently your primary card.
  2. Swapping the cards doesn't fix it, although if I just have a desktop extended on all 3 monitors, it chooses the 'correct' monitor to open to, but when I duplicate the 2 monitors, it always goes to those ones, any ideas?
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