Any way I can restore my deleted Sony Vaio Recovery Partition


I have an old Sony Vaio pc (MODEL PCV-2220) that was a hand me down along with 7 recovery discs.

I wanted to reformat Windows XP, but for some reason the Recovery discs kept saying the partition was too small to re-install, so I used Partition Wiard 4.2 to delete the D and E partitions I'd created along a go, but in the process later realized that I'd deleted the Vaio recovery petition also.

When I use the Recovery CD's now, I get Error #4.

Is there any way I can recover the recovery partition I deleted? Haven't been able to find any site that can sell me a CD for my Vaio model.

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  1. Recovery CD does not need the recovery partition.

    However many of the older sony systems had both C and D partitions (my RZ14G did). They require that you have C and D partitions on the disk being recovered.

    Download a USB bootable disk format tool (google, there are many) and try creating a C and D partition and see if that helps.

    Aside: Sony says

    "Why do I see the error message, "Error occurred while partitioning. Error Code:4" after running the C Drive Recovery option?

    Follow the additional instructions in the dialog box to run the system recovery process with the C Drive Recovery option again."

    Aside 2: When you finish recovery you will again have a recovery partition, the recovery disk creates one.
  2. Thank you, tsnor. I did see Sony's advice to "Follow the additional instructions in the dialog box," but when that message occurs, there are no additional instructions.

    I could easily create additional partitions, but removed the D and E partitions only because I kept getting the error message that the C drive partition was too small and it was huge, about 40 gigs. My hard drive is 111 gigs.

    Very interesting your comment that the recovery discs do not need the recovery partition.

    Thank you!
  3. I see that others have had the exact same problem. I'm still having it, days later. Surprising that there are next to no answers. Other threads dealing with this problem seem to end with no resolution. What is Error code 4? How can one solve the problem without knowing what it is?!
  4. Now I get the message, "Can not lock the logical volume 1:1"
  5. I'd suspect that something that "used Partition Wiard 4.2 " is confusing the XP install.

    Can you use the tool again to confirm that there are no partitions at all on disk ?

    Also, can you google for specific instructions for your sony restore. I found this one sony restore, not sure if it is yours: If it was the "Wipe and Erase Data option. " should help...


    It is strongly recommended that recovery discs be created to help restore files if the operating system will not start. Recovery discs are bootable and can be used to perform a recovery on a properly functioning hard drive.
    The Windows Backup and Restore option opens the Backup and Restore Center provided with the Windows Vista® operating system. This provides the ability to save information from the hard drive, such as personal data files, and restore previously backed up data.
    Computer problems related to hardware can be diagnosed using the VAIO Hardware Diagnostics option.
    One or more drivers or factory-installed applications may be reinstalled with the Reinstall Programs or Drivers option.
    The entire (C:) drive can be restored to its original, factory-installed condition by selecting Restore C: Drive .
    Choosing Restore Complete System will restore the entire (C:) drive, while removing or restoring the Recovery Drive partition. Modifying the size of the hard drive partitions is also an option with this type of recovery. This option requires you to insert Recovery DVDs created using the Create Recovery Discs option.
    To remove all data from the hard drive, including the operating system, all programs and personal data, choose the Wipe and Erase Data option. This option is provided for the convenience of advanced users who want to install a different operating system, and who want to ensure all data has been removed from the hard drive first. All other users are strongly urged to avoid selecting this option.
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