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Hello everyone,
I've newly joined here because this site helped me a lot. Now I'm asking for the first time.
I am going to build a new custom computer. My temporary plans are:
Asus GTx 660 ti
Intel 3rd generation core i7 3770
I can't decide between asus sabertooth z77 which has tuf features but less asus features such as fan xpert 2 and p8z77 v pro. Which one should I get? Which is more energy efficient and consumes less power?
I want to buy a gaming cabinet featuring usb 3.0 front panels but cant decide between zebronics, antec- Which cools better?
I'll use a AOC e043 20 inch monitor. But I cant decide a good psu. Which will be the minimum? I am going to get the best ram available for the motherboard I'll choose. Please help me complete my list properly.
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  1. What are you going to use the computer for?
  2. For gaming.
  3. Get a i5 then, i7 would be a waste.

    The 3570K would be good.
  4. But i7 is faster, Sir.
  5. And also it consumes the same power, Sir.
  6. Oh, I've mistaken, its e2043, not e043, Sir.
  7. The i7 is a waste for gaming, its faster in rendering and editing video and images, the only difference is HT, which doesn't help in gaming for now, more L3 cache, probably to support HT.

    Gaming will be the similar on a i5.
  8. is i5 better than i7, Sir?
    I was more interested in i7 than i5... Because my friends told me that the i7 3770 had more features, embedded options and 100 mhz greater base and boost clock speed than i5 3570
  9. But I just needed help with the psu, motherboard and cabinet, Sir.
  10. For gaming i5 is more worth the money, i7 won't give you any performance gains in gaming.

    For PSU, a 500W quality one (made by corsair or seasonic) would be fine.

    Not sure about mobos, i would usually go with the one with more features -

    This case looks good-

    100MHz is nothing..
  11. Umn is sabertooth more energy efficient or p8z77 pro?
  12. Are you sure anything will not bottleneck and are fully compatible? I mean does sabertooth contain dual intelligent processors 3?
    And just a 500 watt will run it u sure? if yes thanks.
  13. Best answer
    Doesn't look like it.
    The CPU will work with either board.
    And your GPU is fine and your RAM should be DDR3.

    Yes a good quality 500W should be able to run that.
  14. Thank you very much, Sir.
  15. Best answer selected by subhramit basu bhowmick.
  16. The ram I saw that Ill be using is some 2800mhz. Still 500w?
  17. 2800MHz?

    Yes still 500W.....
  18. Okay I am very disturbing but I want to confirm, sorry Sir.
    Now 500w was minimum, but what will be recommended, Sir?
  19. 550-600W. your system will draw around 400-450W max but 550W-600W will give you more headroom incase you get new GPUs or something.
  20. I don't think I'll need to change anything cause Im satisfied but I saw two.. antec HCG 520 and Antec HCG 620. Which one should I get? Or please tell me a 550 watt gaming high quality at least 80 plus bronze certefied psu, please, Sir.
    And yes, you were right, Sir, 3770k will be a waste of money... ill get the i5 35760k as you suggested, Sir, thank you for saving me.
  21. Whats the max you can pay and in what country or website?

    You mean 3570K and your welcome.
  22. I think I am going to pay anything for the psu maybe even 7000 to 8000, Sir, or by any means, anything 550 to 600 watt at least 80 plus bronze certefird high quality gaming psu. If you can search for it, it would be a great help, sir, I never realized building a custom computer was so hard. So I joined here.
  23. Wowweeeeee thank you... I never thought sea sonic modular is better than antec non modular, but Is modular really better? I heard better about antec in yahoo, but I have some doubts because other people say that Seasonic is better.
  24. Seasonic are make better quality ones than antec and have a longer warranty than Antec.

    Modular helps airflow by letting you use the only cables you need, no other unnecessary cables will be in the way and it will improve looks at the same time.
  25. Sabertooth only supports 1600 MHz ram :S
  26. And thank you jay_nar Sir for helping me a lot thank you a million, Sir. My first thread is Successful!
  27. Okay sorry Sir, please tell me if I can help you with something. I've been fixing computer errors and helping with computer-related things since 2003, so I am also a bit experienced. Now how to close a thread? I should have read the instruction manual, Sir. :)
  28. Your welcome.

    Also thats 2400MHz RAM not 2800MHz...
  29. You can ask a mod (mods i know are 'Area51reopened, Mousemonkey, Nikorr, Pyree, Hunter315, randomizer.etc), just PM them (under their name there is a little letter box click on that), ask them to lock the thread.

    Or just leave the thread and let it 'sink' under the new threads.

    I think Mousemonkey or another mod will most likely lock the thread at some point so just leave it.

    You can help out in the area that best suits you.

    Also you would be a good asset to the Tom's Hardware team.
  30. Okay Sir, tell me if I can be of any help, I am very thankful to you.
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