Blu-Ray Writer Worth It?

planning to buy a blu ray writer, is it worth it?
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    The media is expensive, of course, but the ultimate question is will you even use it often enough to justify buying it?

    If you will, then sure, I suppose that it's worth it, but if you'll hardly ever burn Blu-Ray's and just want to watch them, then just get a normal Blu-Ray drive (although it may actually be easier and more cost effective to get a writer anyway).

    Edit: I see that you will be using it, and for backup's, yeah, it's a good investment.
  2. if you do large backups they are great,i have 2.
  3. ILoveTomsHardware said:
    if you do large backups they are great,i have 2.

    I want to backup HD home videos etc
  4. i own a plextor and a liteon and the plextor is the better of the 2
  5. The real question is like everyone has stated, will you be using it?

    I have a Blu-Ray burner and have used it 3 times.

    I do backups but on my external. My fear is that I really don't know anyone with a Blu-Ray drive so if I ever do need to get those files and my drive is broken whats the point.

    I do have 3 Blu-Ray players in the house but they are rarely used because movies nowadays aren't worth it anymore. Netflix, Amazon, and Cable channels suffice my minuet TV needs.

    So in conclusion only if you are sure you are going to make use of 21GB on a disk.
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