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I bought a FSP Aurum 600w today. I finally replaced my generic power supply after using it for 2 years. Now, I just want to know how can I test if my PSU is good? I mean, I left my PC downloading something but when I came home, it hung again. I thought changing the power supply would fix the problem. I also changed my RAM sticks to RipJaws which went okay. The BSODs were gone. Now I just need to solve the unnecessary hanging when I leave it overnight while downloading.
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  1. I don't think my mom would allow me to do that. Haha. But when I replaced my RAM months ago, the BSODs stopped. I only need to know why my PC is restarting out of nowhere or why is it hanging suddenly when I'm just downloading. Any guesses?
  2. run furmark and prime95 for 12-24 hrs
  3. Your system board may be the cause. What was the reason to change the PSU? PSU failures can damage the main board.
  4. it could be a few things. the first is that the ram is not running at the right speed. try cpu-z and look at the spd tab and see if your mb set the ram speed up right. also check that the ram you have now was on the mb qal list. you can try and run memtest on it. the second issue could be the gpu or cpu fan is over heating. running hardware monitor and watching your temps and voltage to see if one drops. (your mb bios may be old or a drive firmware may be old and when the pc trys to enter sleep mode it cant and hangs or reboots. for house cleaning i would run ccleaner..malwarebytes..make sure you only have one anti virus software loaded and it up to date and not expired. if it a few years old then uninstall it and install mse/avast/avg. run defrag and hdtune to check your hard drive.
  5. Check your system event log to see if you're getting errors associated with your system freeze/reboots, too.
  6. @price_th: I changed the PSU because I kinda think that the restarts are caused by sudden power "flicks" caused by an old and generic PSU.

    @smorizio: It's running at right speed I think. DRAM Frequency: 668.8 MHz. I set my PC not to go to sleep mode so that the download would still continue. They said that MB Bios doesn't affect this thing.
  7. with ram it not what the mb sets...it making sure that the mb or you set the speed that the ram can run and it timing.
    when you look at your ram spd it have few colums...ie 400/600/800 xmp. and under it will be timeing like 9-9-9-9-24t or 11-11-11-11. you need to see in the bios that both the speed and time set right. if not your system can lock up.
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