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i am currently building my first computer. i have 600psu, i5 3570k, asrock extreme 4 mobo, 16 g skill 2133 ram, 250 hddl, corsair 300r case. now i have about 200 to 300 dollars to spare. i'm considering an ssd with gtx 480 or just gtx 570. i'm not sure if ssd is really worth. i dont mind waiting extra 20sec for computer to boot. lol. so what you think i should get?
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  1. I'd say get 1600 instead of 2133, and see where you can go from there, and SSD is worth it though everything loads a ton faster.
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    2133MT RAM can be a bit stressful on processors and will raise temperatures as well as potentially increase instability without improving performance. Ivy Bridge natively supports up to 1600Mhz RAM and this is more than enough unless you're trying to set a record.

    An SSD is a good choice, one of the best investments I've ever made. The effects are far more noticeable than just at boot, everything will be more responsive.

    Graphics wise, I'd wait a bit and get a GTX 670 or even a Radeon 7870. There's no sense in buying something that's 2-3 years old when there's new stuff on the market for the same price
  3. thanks for your input. i decided to refuse the package 4x4 g skill 2133 from newegg and get 2x4 1600. i'll save 60 bucks. then i'll invest that into ssd.
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