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Guys please help

after a lot of research i am thinking of builiding with a intel DH67CLB3 board with a i5 2400 and a discrete gfx card , as a Z68 and Z77 are out of budget and i am also limiting to a low wattage psu as there is no question of sli or cfx (the h67 doesnt support dual gpus). So the questions

1. In all these h67 boards i see the pcie x16 slot very close to the audio jacks i mean very very close, will most graphics cards go into that without disturbing other components.
2. also if u could please reccommend a GFX card, me thinking of GTX 570 or hd 7870 or gtx 660 ti (if possible)

1. i am completely new to system building but i do have some theoretical knowledge(i know that the gfx cards are mounted upside down but these x16 slots are so close) if u could upload a pic of a gfx card fitted with this boards or for that matter any h67 boards it would be nice.
2. any specific suggestions for gfx cards please tell(for playing bf3 1080p)
3. i5 2400 > i52500k ,h67>z68,z77 :non: all because of budget constraints

my build (thinking of)
intel dh 67
i5 2400
corsair gs 600
8 gb ram
benq g222hd monitor
cm 430 chasis
500 gb WD HDD

guys all your help will be highly appreciated :D and sorry for the wall of text :p
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  1. What is the $$$ amount??? We can't help without the exact dollars unless I missed something.
  2. i live in india cant exactly tell in $$$ but the i52400 and the board is fixed .
    as far as gfx is concerned anything between a gtx 560ti and hd 7870 u can suggest
  3. Well give us the rupees are whatever currency you got. You just want to know the GPU (is that all you want)???
  4. Well if you can get a 7870 get one , no question
  5. i just wanted know that these cards like the 7870 will fit into the intel dh67 board without any problems and will perform absolutely fine with this setup and the i52400
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