Lately my pc has been just randomly shutting down. No warning, no windows shutdown, just turns off instantly.
There has also been a VERY slight smell of smoke.
When it shuts off, I cannot restart unless I unplug the PSU and then plug it back in.
PSU, also, is pretty warm to the touch after 10 minutes or so (not sure if that is normal)
(all fans running)

CPU, GPU, and everything else are at low temps (37c at the highest) (used Speedfan for that info)

Completely tore pc apart today and cleaned everything and see no melted wires, scorch marks from possible shorts, or anything else. Alot of dust (now removed) but that was all I could find.

This happens under light load (running Chrome and nothing else) so it is not a load issue. Had this pc for a few years now and have not installed anything new in about 1.5years or more (replaced original PSU with a new one).

Is this is a PSU issue ? Something far worse ?
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  1. What PSU did you replace the old one with?
  2. Currently, I have a Corsaire 650w

    I do note that the inside of the psu (i.e. the side facing into the case pointed to the front) gets VERY hot.. almost to the point of being uncomfortable. Never had a reason to just go in touching things so not sure if that is normal.
  3. What are the rest of your specs.
  4. Gigabyte GA-M57Sli mobo (no scorches or blown capacitors)
    Athlon X2 5000+ (@29 degrees)
    Nvidia GTS 250 (at 37 degrees)
    4Gb Gskill ram (tried using one and then the other but no change)
    Giant case with plenty of airflow
  5. Did it happen with your old PSU?
  6. Was similar but not exactly the same.... last time it just took me hittin the power button over and over to get the pc to turn on.. didn't just shut off like this one.

    With it restarting only after I unplug the psu and plug it in again along with all other temps being low, I just cannot figure this out.... it is the only thing I can think of with my limited knowledge.
  7. Does your PSU fan work?
  8. Yeah, all the fans come on. Boots up just fine, just completely turns off after 5-10 mins or so.... and there is a slight smoke smell that I cannot pinpoint.

    I touched everything inthe case and the only thing in there evenremotely hot is the psu.. well, the back end and the bottom of the case where the psu is located
  9. What is your voltage at the wall outlet? I hope it is no less than 110A.C.
  10. No clue on that one, no voltage tester. Would not be related between the 2 psus though.. have moved since last one went 1.5 - 2 years ago
  11. Best Buy will let me return a psu in 30 days so I will pick one up and see if that fixes it
  12. Check to see if anything is shorted to the motherboard or if something got behind the motherboard to cause this slight smell of smoke. Make sure all the sockets you are pluging connectors into are not burnt or deffective. To make a power supply get that hot inthat short of time under very little load, something is very wrong!
  13. I checked all the connections, slots, and the front and back of the mobo when I cleaned it this morning. Was nothing to indicate any issues.

    Went to Best Buy, got a cheap POS power supply and have been running over an hour with no issues. Going to return it in a couple weeks and get a "good one" from Newegg most likely.

    Thus far, seems to just be a case of a psu going to hell.
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