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[Graphics Card] Upgrade GX 560 Ti from Radeon HD 5750

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: one or two months later


CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: Radeon 5750, PSU FSP Supersonic 550w


Mobo : ASROCK H61-VS
Proc : i3-2100
Ram : 8 GB Corsair
Dual Monitor with 1080p (gaming and soemthing like movie editing) and the other is 720p (for browsing etc)
Casing : Power Up Basic. (no need for expensive casing:P)

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: Never buy shipping parts in here, but will take just to look at the price





Based on Review, I'd say that 560Ti was the best bang for the buck for me right now (correct me if I'm wrong). Definitely my eyes are sniping this card in my country (I never purchase from other country or via shipping, but newegg or other sites are useful to compare the prices)

There are 2 main question that spin on my mind :

1. Will this 550W PSU run my GTX 560 Ti without any problem?(No I don't plan overclocking it, 560 Ti already awesome) and I have 4 USB plugged in my computer (keyboard,mouse,external HD, wireless USB).
2. The size of the board, is there big difference between 5750 and GTX 560 Ti?Because I fear that It won't fit in the case if it's too big or too width.

oh the last question : is it really worth it?I don't mind playing with the medium quality, but I really want to have at least once in my life playing at the highest quality:P

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  1. I have a 560 ti and it has impressed. I can push any game I have to sufficient settings including GTA 4 which is rather resource hungry. Having said that I normally have the AA settings off or low. It is a good card for the price. Your PSU is just enough according to NVIDA.

    The 560Ti is well above the 5750 so its a good upgrade, it wont hit Ultra quality on a few games at that resolution (you will have to SLI it or upgarde to a 570/580 for that) but it aint far off.

    That board is fine with the new card and the PSU can happily cope with GTX 570's (and 580's at a push) so that's not a worry either.

    As a side note, OC'ing that card on that PSU will not hamper you, quite the opposite, but thats your choice.
  3. yah me too, I turn off any AA setting and I can't see the difference between on or off though:P

    what brands that you recommend btw?

    oh and the size of the card..if anyone know 5750 and 560 Ti, I would really want to know if both cards don't have too much difference in size.
  4. Average GTX 560Ti is 9 inches

    Radeon 5750 is 7.2 inches
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  6. @smeg thanks man, I will check that out next month if I can make it on my casing.
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