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Hey I'm back with another questions;

I have the Dell Optiflex 320 Desktop And while playing games such a "battlefield 2" , "Minecraft", Or browsing the web and going on websites such as Facebook my computer video card overheats and their is no input on the screen, computer is running tough.

Ik quadro is ment for video editing/rendering But it's never done this before

I checked speedFan my Gpu = 56c On Idle. When playing minecraft it rises to 65c
My Quadro has a fan and it spins At 180 rpm

Thats what i wanted to ask 180 rpm for Quadro Fx 560 is normal?
1k Rpm is "Ok" for a heat stability is what ive heard about.

But 180 rpm doesn't do it , it keeps rising (heat)

Broken? Need to clean?

I used to be able to play Bf2 and Minecraft for hours about 5 :) , Without Crashing.
Im thinking of reseting my pc to factory maybe something happened.
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  1. 180rpm if true is way to low, have you tried giving it a blast with a tin of compressed air. Failing that, try the EVGA Precision tool to manually set rpm v heat fan control.
  2. ok thanks ill try ;)
  3. It spins at 180 rpm because the manufacturer did a good job! 180 rpm obviously keeps the temp at 65c and that is noting to worry about.
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