Budget gaming build, help needed please


Im looking for the the cheapest possible build to be able to run BF3 on medium/high settings at about 40+ fps

After a little bit of research ive seen that the the i3 2120 can run it pretty well so i would pair that with a z68 for future upgrade-ability.

I will be hoping to play it on my 32" 60Hz 1080p tv, im not sure if that makes a difference.

i3 2120 cpu £90

z68 mobo £84

saphire hd 6850 gpu £102

I need help picking a PSU

Those are the parts i chose but i hope you experts can find me cheaper ones. Also, i would like the mobo to be able to take ivybridge, for when i upgrade in the future.

Im looking for someone to show me the cheapest complete build.

Budget; £600 but i really dont want to spend that much.

Parts not required; monitor, keyboard, mouse, os

Thank You
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  1. budget?
  2. dr_wack said:

    £600 but looking to spend around £450, even less if possible
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