Why do I, a single user need remote desktop/

I am a single user of Windows 7 and have been hacked so many times. Why do I need remote desktop and why do I need so many users who have control over what I do? I am the administrator but 'others' take control of my computer. This access is in stealth.
What do you recommend? I have Kaspersky Pure but have had to repeatedly re boot and re install my programs.
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  1. just turn off remote desktop

    i always do
  2. mcnumpty23 said:
    just turn off remote desktop

    i always do

    Its off by defult..
  3. Also - to be on the safe side:

    Press "windows-button"+ R, type: services.msc and press enter ---> find the service called "remote registry", stop it, and set it to "disabled" or "manual"
  4. What do you mean you've been hacked so many times?

    You don't just click on websites pop ups that say something like "YOUR COMPUTER IS INFECTED, DOWNLOAD THIS TO STOP IT!!!!!" willy-nilly do you? Just blindly clicking "YES" or "download" on web page pop-ups is absolutely a no-no.

    I would reccomend a clean format, install a proper firewall via a router, install a proper antivirus, as well as Microsoft security essentials.

    Install firefox, ad blocker as well as noscript.

    Who knows what has been done to your computer, heck other people might have more control over your computer than you do.
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