How can you tell if the component video out jacks on a dvd player are working

I am connecting an RCA DVD player to a Sony Bravia TV - I am using component video cables (not composites) and connecting the component video output on the DVD to the component video input on the TV. I have sound, as the composite audio cables are also connected, but I get no picture. Could there be a setting somewhere that "turns on" the component video outputs - hard to see a DVD player menu when there is no picture?
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  1. No idea if there is a setting which controls the picture out put but usually if you get audio there should be a picture too as they'd be controlled by the same "switch" per se.

    To test it, try it on a different TV? and / or get different cables and try that.
  2. Check to make sure that the audio cables are connected to the component audio inputs on your TV. Then make sure the TV is set to the Component Input.

    -Wolf sends
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