Need a graphics card and need some evaluation on my built

i got this desktop yesterday for about $490 really on a tight budget.. don't know if it is a great built but i feel okay with this setup..

Intel Core i3-2100

Elite H61h2-M2

Seagate 500gb 7200rpm

Kingston 4gb DDR3 hyper x blue

ASUS 24x DVD burner


FSP Group Everest 85PLUS 600 600W ATX

so how about this? planning to add a graphics card later next week which is my problem now, what nice great graphics card to add to this? probably on a $170 budget.
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    nvidia is releasing new video card this month. around may 10 i believe. i'm sure the prices will go down if you wait a bit. you might get a better card for 170 than you could now. i'm also in the market for video cards. i'm just going to wait and see what happens tho.
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