Asus radeon 6950 - unable to set 120hz on high resolution.

Hello. I just bought a 120hz monitor and I am unable to set 120hz at any decent/hight resolution on that graphic card.
Only resolution lower than 1024/768 are available at 120hz. I got latest drivers for both monitor and card and still nothing.

I also tried to plug my new LCD into my old PC which got radeon 4850 and on that card all I had to do was just plugging in monitor to make it work without any problems(didnt need to install any drivers and so on).

Any thoughts guys? I was kinda expensive monitor, and I bought it only for the 120hz feature so would be lame if I couldnt make it work.
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  1. You might want to reinstall the drivers with the monitor plugged in, just to be sure this isn't a driver issue. You might then try putting your 4850 into your new computer and see if there is any change. If the 4850 works in the new computer and the other can't, perhaps the port was bad on the 6950.
  2. Okay so, I tried putting my 4850 into new PC and again its working flawless with 120hz just after plugging LCD in.

    So the first solution you gave is that the port in my 6850 is broken or something, but its kinda also ultimate solution which will result me in sending it back as its new and its on guarranty.
    Before I send card back is there anything else I could do/try just to be 100% sure I wont waste time sending it back to producer just to get info that its working fine?

    I'm really pointless about that - looking desperatly for any help!
  3. Reinstall drivers is the only other thing I can suggest and try all available DVI connections on the card.
  4. did it already like billion times. guess ill have to catch some guy on live chat in asus.

    lucky enought 4850 is no that crappy so I can use it by the time they send me back my card
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