Is this enough power?

Yep even a 500W seasonic would be fine.
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  1. Hi guys, just putting together a gaming rig and wanted to know if this was enough power:

    secondly: if this IS enough power, could I safely go down to the 560 X? I'm looking for a high quality, long lasting PSU that will still be good to use when this rig needs replacing.

    Seasonic 660 X
    Intel 3450
    ASRock z77 extreme 4, 8 gig Kingston RAM
    Optical Drive
    128gb SSD
    Sapphire 7870 2gb (not OC)
    NZXT Phantom Full Tower (including all those fans)

    I think that's everything... There will be another hard drive, but that's my external and will be a USB external drive until I actually get myself sorted.

  2. jay_nar2012 said:
    Yep even a 500W seasonic would be fine.

  3. Your welcome.

    Also Seasonic PSUs come with a 5 year warranty.
  4. Some of the older Seasonic PSUs came with a three year warranty and the Platinum series comes with a 7 year warranty:
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