Is my PSU defective or just too weak?

I have been trying to get a new video card to work in a system for my father-in-law.
The computer, video card, and psu:
Acer AM3450-UR30P Desktop PC
EVGA GeForce 550 ti
Corsair CX500
On paper, the CX500 should be more than enough to run this card.
Initially, it looked like the card was defective, so I RMA'd it but the problem remains. Whenever the card is put under load the computer shuts down. Today, I put my power supply (Corsair TX650) in and everything worked as it should. So, do you think the CX500 is defective, or is it not enough to power the system. FWIW, I tried both PCIe connectors and the dual-molex to PCIe connector all with the same results. Also, the temps are all fine. Thanks for your help!
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  1. (If) you have not added anything!!! else to this system it should run alright. Otherwise if you have fans and extra USB devices maybe hard drives or sound card you would be over stressed. Then a good 650 watt PSU would do and you would have a little extra to spare. Take a look at and read some reviews on pwer supplies.
  2. The CX500 can provide more than enough power for those specs, even if you have extra USB devices and drives, sounds defective
  3. +1 to Dell
  4. Well the CX500 is supposed to be rated at up to 34A on the 12volt rail and I would have thought you'd be well under that. Perhaps worth an email to test out Corsair's customer service.
  5. On the Evga website
    the minimum is 400W PSU with 24 amps so the CX500 is enough.

    You should contact Corsair and do some test on the PSU.
  6. Thanks for all of the replies. I am going to RMA it. I'll just keep it for a later build and let him keep my psu. I don't feel like switching them around again plus I decided I wanted a modular psu, so I used this as an excuse to order one.
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