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MSI 550gtx-ti Cyclone OC and 1080p?

okay I have the MSI N550gtx-ti Cyclone OC and I just ordered a 1080p monitor. I do alot of gaming and am now wondering what kind of performance am I going to see. I know my card is kind of entry level. im not expecting to be able to run anything at ultra. just trying to get a sense of what to expect.
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  1. It will do ok, but not great. I recommend giving it a high OC.
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    Depending on what you play you should be ok. You can play BF3 on mostly high settings more then likely. I would try to overclock it if you can. I believe the Cyclone series is very well cooled. Just take it slow with overclocking and test it well. I personally use MSI afterburner for GPU overclocking. Goodluck.

    p.s. what cpu do you have? that will also determine your overall performance.
  3. rest of my system specs are: i5-2320 OC'd to 3.5GHz, 8GB mushkin enhanced ddr3 cas-9 1600mhz, OCZ Fatal1ty 550w PSU. I also love MSI afterburner! and will use it with Kombuster, have done some research on OC'ing this card and it does really well and keeps the temps wayyy down. so getting some decent fps shouldn't be hard then.
  4. I have a 24" 1080p monitor (viewsonic), i5 2500k and a EVGA 550ti card and have not had any issues with video quality with games or streaming videos.
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