Need help on upgrading.

Hello, I'm looking into increasing my computer performance with a few upgrades. I have a general idea on what I would like to see, but a few ideas suggested to me I haven't much of a clue aside from forum posts, so it would be nice to hear a professionals point of few of them all. Overall I would like to point out that I'm really looking for a good bang for the buck, so if its not worth it, I would really like to know why.

My current computer specs:
2ndG Intel i5-2500k 3.3 (at 4.5)
Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD3 Skt 1155 Motherboard
Kingston 8GB DDR3 (2x4)
Western Digital 1TB Blue Edition Hard Drive
GeForce 560Ti 1gb video card

And my current upgrading goals include:

A GeForce 560Ti sli ($220 or so)
Solid state drives sataIII (for the os and games)
An extra 8gb Kingston ram kit

Any recommendations, thoughts and/or insights are greatly appreciated. And thank you for taking the time to read :)
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  1. Unless you need a LOT of RAM (i.e. software development, video processing etc...) I would drop it. 8 Gb for everyday tasks is more than enough. Anything more and the performance gains will not be noticable.

    Definitely the SSD.

    If you SLI, make sure you're PSU has enough juice to handle both cards. Just a reminder.
  2. I currently use a lot of ram to run servers and multitask, only reason for the extra 8gb, plus its only like $60 for the set.

    For the ssds, I've notived I only have 1 sata III slot available, and 2 sata II slots. Would getting 1 large one on the sata III be overall better then say 2 smaller ones on II or 1 on II and the other on III ?

    As for the sli, I know running 2 cards at full load need nearly 500W, so an 800W PSU is a definite buy.

    Thanks again for your time.
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