[HELP] Hyper 2012 EVO spins then stops

Hey guys.
I purchased a hyper evo 212 the other day and it just came in the mail today. I installed my new AMD phenom 2 945 quad core @ 3.4 ghz and the hyper evo 212 properly. I booted up my computer and the fan spun for a couple seconds and then stopped. the fan then tried spinning up again for 1 or 2 seconds, and then stopped. It keeps repeating this process. The fan has a four pin connector and my mobo only has a 3 pin. I think that is the problem. Is there any way i can make this work?

I tried bumping up my fan speed in "speedfan" but i dont see a change. Is it possible to just take the fan off my old heatsink, plug it in, and just let it sit on top of my new hyper 212 heat sink and run at 100% all the time (lol, this sounds like a really stupid idea, but will it work?). My cpu temp is 42C while typing this.

Also, my PSU is a corsair 700w and i am using my ACER OEM motherboard that my pc originally came with.

HD 6950
8gb gskill ripjaw
AMD Phenom II X4 945 @ 3.4ghz
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  1. Aspire M3410
  2. what is your motherboard (CPU-Z will tell you) or what was your pc model?
  3. You should know that the only thing left from the original Aspire is the mobo and the hdd and the lan card. Everything else including graphics card, processor, case, and ram have been replaced.
  4. just to be sure, make sure you plugged your fan in correctly, though i doubt you could have done it backwards
  5. no the fan is definetly plugged in correctly. It might be that the connector for the fan is a 4 pin and the only pins i have available for a fan are three pin, which are the one that my previous oem fan used.
  6. I just increased the voltage to heat up the cpu and then the fan kicked in. Its at 700rpm now but i cant control how fast its going through AMD overdrive or speedfan
  7. perhaps the mobo isn't supplying it with enough power to start up... can you adjust the fan speeds through the bios at all?
  8. I'm unable to find a feature in bios that allows me to configure fan speed or the power being supplied to the fans. Could it be that the fans 4 pin connector is only connected to the three pins on my mobo. Just started up DayZ and played a bit and the fan started spinning at 1000rpm, but its completely idle when I'm not gaming.
  9. the 4th pin is just the PWM controller, so im guessing your fan speed is controlled in a different manner

    is there any overheating issues?
  10. ok thankyou for that clarification. The fan speed seems to be controlled independantly of anything i can do to change it such as AMD overdrive or Speedfan. When on full load and during stress testing the cpu has gotten to 70C max, but does not hover there and is usually around 64C on full load. The fan never exceeds 1100 rpm though. This is all after i've overclocked it to 3.8ghz
  11. phenoms like to be kept under 60ish Celsius, but 70C isn't the end of the world :P... good to hear it's working fine though
  12. nna2 said:
    phenoms like to be kept under 60ish Celsius, but 70C isn't the end of the world :P... good to hear it's working fine though

    Whats my ideal temperature range? At what temp should i start worrying about overheating?
    Thanks for all your help bro
    Cheers :D
  13. 60C is what phenom II's like to stay under, 70C is about the tops you want for most CPU's though
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