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Mix and match of video cards with one crossfire connector with 2

I would like to know if I can add another card to my crossfired 5770's. Each 5770 card that I have currently only has the one connector for crossfire use. If I purchase another card and make sure that is has two connectors for crossfire instead of one, will I be able to place the new card in the middle so that the first card connects to the first connector on the middle card and connect the bottom card to the second connector on the middle card?

If this will work then I can save myself a lot of money and would not have to replace the two cards I currently have.

Any help on this matter would be very appreciated!!!!
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    You can only CF another 5770 (or a 6770 in the primary PCIe slot) with a 5770/5750. Any other card won't work with the 2 cards you have. Also, with the 5770s, you can only get one CF connector per card.

    You would need to step up to the HD58XX/HD69XX/HD79XX class for more than 2 CFed Radeons.
  2. Also, if you CF a 5770 with a 5750 or 6750, then the 5770 will operate like a 5750 (least common denominator).
  3. So in order to CF 3 cards I will have to upgrade all three?
  4. Yes. The cards need to match. You also need to verify that your upply is up to the task as well.
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  6. Ok. as much as I do not like the answer I guess I will be waiting for an upgrade until I have enough to get a really good card and wait to CF...
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