Fx 4100 or Phenom ii 965

Which one is better for gaming? I have a 930 right now but I am tired of dealing with problems this socket type. I have had two boards break on me and I just don't want to deal with it anymore. So which one is better at gaming, also which is more overclockable? Also can phenom support higher than 1333mhz ram?
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  1. You've already got an i7-930.

    Even the i7-920 outperforms the 965BE and FX-4100.
  2. Phenom II > FX.


    All CPU's are different, even within the same exact model number, but I would expect the FX to overclock "better" than the phenom II.

    I put better in quotes because the ability to obtain higher clock speeds is only part of the equation. How much the CPU gets done per clock cycle also must be factored in.

    The FX chips are down on IPC (instructions per clock) so they have to run faster to get the same amount of work done as the Phenom II.

    I have experience overclocking both Phenom II and FX, but I have not attempted to go past 1333 with Phenom II. (Although I have read that you can)

    That being said, I can't tell a difference between 1600 and 1333 in practice. (The FX rig I overclocked is running 1600 RAM)
  3. Yeah I know it does. But as I said earlier, That socket type is the most annoying unreliable one out there. I can get a new CPU and motherboard, for the price of a motherboard for the 1366 socket.
  4. The FX chip its a good chip, even beats the Phenom in some cases BUT its not what most people expected to be, thats why everyone is : "omg FX sucks". The i7 930 its a very solid CPU even for todays standards and considering you had 2 dead mobos you might wanna do some reaserch why did that happen... Personally i never had Mobo problems... and i suggest before you make the change for a new system you might verify your PSU because i suspect that the PSU its causing your problems. If its not your PSU then the power grid might be your issue ... in that case if you invest in new hardware a minimum UPS might save you some bucks.
  5. I can assure you it isn't the power supply. I have tested that already. I should say the first one worked for a few months and the other one arrived damaged.
  6. to fully answer your question, the phenom is a true quad core cpu. FX went to a module style cpu, where a module does 80% of a dual core cpu. That said the 4100 is a dual module cpu (aka 80% of a quad). Basically the 4100 is a dual core + 2 halves of another. With that siad, the 4100 can't and will not keep up with the pheonom.

    Thats not to say 4100 = all fx cpus,
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