CPU for New Gaming Rig, Good Enough?

I had lots of success with my past AMD cpu's, but now its time to build another setup, and this time I think I'm doing the opposite.

I have a XFX 7950 Black Edition DD picked out @ 900mhz and am probably going to play with overclocking it to around 1100+

The cpu I chose was a i5-3750k and I plan on OCing that to atleast 4.0ghz+ since I had so much success OCing my AMD chips.

Is the i5 I've chosen enough for the GPU I've selected? Even if I ran everything at stock? I'm talking about bottlenecking.

Also, if I threw another 7950 for Xfire would it still be able to handle it?

Thanks for your input!
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  1. yes! this cpu is what you need for gaming! even if you xfire you ll have no problem!
  2. sweet thanks for the quick reply!
  3. Get an i5-2500K instead.
  4. any reason as to why?
  5. There won't be any difference.
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