Cnadaian $1000 Gaming Rig *advice*

Ive gone through a few times to confirm that this build will work, and that its of good quality. I plan on doing heavy gaming (BF3, Civ V, Diablo 3, etc.) as well as doing some over clocking (nothing above 4.5ghz) and would like the option of crossfiring in the future. Personally im an intel kinda guy, but if benchmarks can prove it, I can be persuaded. The budget is roughly $1000, but i wont mind if it goes up a bit, so long as the performance makes it justified. Sorry for the bit of reading, thanks in advance for any advice!

Parts already acquired

Corsair 500R-

Corsair Vengeance 8GB (2x4gb) DDR3 1600mhz -

Silverstone Strider-Plus 750w 80+silver fully modular psu -

Asus 24x Dvd drive -

All of this for $200
Yet to be purchased

Intel i5-3570k -

Asrock Z77 Extreme4 -

Sapphire Radeon HD 7850 -

Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDD -

Coolermaster Hyper 212 Evo -


So depending on taxes, it should come around to about $1000.
any input on my choices and their compatability is greatly appreciated!
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  1. okay everything looks great just one piece of advice go sandybridge instead of ivybridge the ONLY difference is that IB runs hotter when overclocked (go figure) and its 10% faster WHICH to even a novice overclocker is easily reached just go with an i5 2500k
  2. But don't you need the IB to enable pci 3? Or would it make more sense to drop down to a z68 with an 2500k, or keep the z77?
  3. you have to send your ram back for credit it not on the mb qual guild.
  4. The mb qual guide ?
  5. you can keep the z77 and no you can use pci 3 with SB
  6. Okay, I've heard great things about SB so I feel a little better about the ability to overlock and whatnot.
  7. yeah IB is just not worth the extra $45
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    Go w/ sandybridge. Ivy bridge is pretty much just a better gpu which you don't need. And the hyper 212+ is actually better than the evo I think.

    btw, is your friend cheaper than newegg :). Go w/ a 2500k, a decent mobo if you want to oc, (you can get away with a cheap one but I wouldn't go below $100 because you have a expensive cpu :sweat: ).

    Otherwise, you're good. If you are gonna air-cool, I would return the corsair case and get this,

    You can easily go w/ an amd triple core, and a cheaper mobo and get a better gpu but idk how long you intend for this build to last and if you really meant to spend as much as you say you do (you can easily get away with half and have something pretty nice).

    Pci-e 3 can't be used by SB, but at this point only ssds use that much bandwidth. At the rate tech is advancing (like g92 for 4 generations) you'll replace cpu's before pci-e 2 bottlenecks. Also, unless you do video encoding go with a p67(I'm personally using a gigabyte p67a-ud4-b3) because they're cheaper and known to be a bit faster.

    The main "features" of z68 are pointless and one of them, touchbios I can get on this anyway (don't know about mobos). Touchbios seems dumb anyway.

    Here's what I suggest (it's late so link hunting n/a).

    ssd+ hd(s) of your choice (2x 320 or 500 for raid 0 maybe good) I have 2x 320gb raid, a 1tb backup for extra files, and downloads. and a 100gb ssd. one 320 is from an old dell warranty replacement they never asked for back so you may not want to spend that much on storage. Even a cheap ssd will be a huge improvement over most any hd actual throughput in mb/s not withstanding.

    p67 mobo (I heartily rec. gigabyte; I hate asus now, and I can't stand uefi anyway, good old bios for me.
    raven 3 case (worth a return of 500-r)
    try upping ram to 16gb (price dif. usually minimal)
    video card, your choice depends on budget under 300 7850 is good.

    Lots of fans. Maybe with blue, red, green, orange, w.e leds. :kaola:

    Directcanada, seems to be better for everything than video cards vs newegg though. And you get free shipping over 50 which here, is a given. Depending on stock, and location you'll get things the next day or two with the free shipping even. I got everything except a few things that had to come from BC, and I'm in Toronto. They warehouse is in sauga.

    edit- o yea, and IB runs hotter under load anyway; I saw the math somewhere, it was something about even though it has reduced power draw, the smaller die size means that you get about 20 Celsius warmer according to the math which is in fact what people have seen happen when they oc.
  9. I wouldn't shop newegg canada seeing how their shipping prices are a hose job more times than naught.

    Those two retailers down below both offer free shipping. That and they are affiliated. They both ship out of the same warehouse in Richmond, BC.
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  11. Your guys help has been great! It made me rethink some of my choices . Especially the ivy bridge processor. Thanks for the help!
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