Help needed with my new built

Hi to everyone!I am planning to built a new pc and i want some help...I want it for gaming(max graphics),photoshop...i have selected these pieces:

case: Coolermaster HAF X
motherboard: Asrock z77 Extreme 4
cpu: I7 2600K
ram: Corsair Vengeance 8gb(2x4) DDR3-2133MHz
psu: Coolermaster UPC 1100W 88%+Efficient
gpu: GigaByte nVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 1GB
cooling: Noctua nh-d14
optical drive: Sony BWU-500s
sound card: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio
ssd:SanDisk Extreme 120 GB

Budget...1000$(i will take many things used :cpu,psu...) and some of them next month,probably the SSD

am i missing something??
is this fast ram needed?
should i spend less on the cpu,case(and buy a Haf 932),drive etc and buy a GTX 570??
can i play CRYSIS 2 on max graphics in this gpu??

i will also connect it in a 40' LED TV(i dont find the need to buy a monitor right now)...

Sorry for the long post and

thanks in advance :D
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  1. You are spending money in all the wrong places.

    Downsize the case to a HAF 922 or 932. Get a i5-3570k or 2500k CPU. Get 1600mhz RAM, no need for higher than that. That is SO overkill on the PSU. Get a TX650 V2 and you'll be set. For cooling, that is a great cooler, also get out the CM 212 EVO and 812 TPC for cheaper options.

    You probably don't need the sound card unless you have very expensive speakers.

    Instead of the SanDisk get a Crucial M4 128gb, much better SSD.

    Keep in mind TV's are very bad as Monitors, they'll work, but text may be blurry, and it may not look as good it can.

    With all these changes, you can probably get a AMD 7870 or 7950. I recommend Sapphire.
  2. You don't need that RAM. DDR3 1600 Cl9 1.5 V RAM is all you need. If you do alot of photoshop though you may think about going with 16 gb (2 x 8).

    For your GPU, I suggest Radeon 7850/7870.

    Your PSU has too much juice. 750 W for SLI/xFire or 500W or less for single GPU.

    Don't really need sound card. Onboard audio is good enough for me.

    Definitely get a cheaper case. Corsair 500R will be enough for your parts.

    Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO for CPU cooler.
  3. ok,i will buy a monitor but i think that this psu is cheap for 140$
  4. OK so ATI instead of nvidia?No problem but 7870 is SO expensive
  5. Cheap and Power supply should not be used in the same sentence.

    You will never ever ever in a million years use 1100W, and it is 88% efficient, at 50% load, so you have to be running at 550W on average to get the best efficiency.

    A good 650/750W will be more than enough for a single card setup and even some dual card configurations.
  6. at least get the GTX 560 TI or the 7850. It will give you much better graphics performance.
  7. really Ati instead of nvidia?
  8. In this case, yes. If it was between the 7970 and 680, no.
  9. if i buy a gtx 570 would be better than 560ti?,because one guy sells it to me for 270$
  10. For 270$ it's really up to you. They both perform relatively the same. If it's used, then definitely the 7850.
  11. I would still choose a 7850 over a gtx 570. Performance is similar (570 performs marginally better) but consumes significantly less power and produces significantly less heat. That is not to say that the gtx 570 is a bad card. Its just my preference. If you do want to stick with the 570, that is a good price.
  12. hmm the 7850 is really good, lower bus ratio though...
    most of my favourite games say that perform better on it true?
  13. Yes and no. You can research it if you want but I'm too lazy. Something about Intel and Nvidia being able to work better together. Complicated stuff I don't want to populate my brain with. :P
  14. I think the only game nvidia really has an advantage in is BF3 for some reason.
  15. oh and yes i have very good speakers!,studio speakers...anyways the soundcard
    costs 40$
  16. Crysis,also
  17. There is a 2.3 FPS difference at 1080p in Crysis 2. I don't you'll miss that 2.3 FPS will you? The 7850 uses less power and is quieter, keep that in mind.
  18. is palit a good brand?
  19. gary1 said:
    You are spending money in all the wrong places.

    Downsize the case to a HAF 922 or 932. Get a i5-3570k or 2500k

    in fact,here, i can buy a 2600k for 20$ less than i5-3570 and wouldnt hyperthreading help in photoshop?
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