New System Build

I need to buy :

[1]. i3-something processor
[2]. Motherboard
[3]. RAM

I have :

[1]. Nvidia 9600GT( don't suggest a new version, i don't play games now)
[2]. 450w PSU

I'll be using PC mainly for heavy browsing, playing music and HD videos.
So shall i3 do fine?

Que 1.
So which i3 should i buy?
Are previous gens good or i need 2nd gen i3?
I wonder if there is equally priced quad core Processor?....(I am poor)

Que 2.
Please suggest a suitable MOBO, keep in mind i will not use integrated graphics card. I just need fine...FINE performance for activities described above.

Que 3.
How much RAM would suffice? 8 GB good? less or more?

Que 4.
Do i need more PSU wattage than 450?

Please enlighten me.
Chak. :)
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  1. Quote:
    The i3 will be a monster for your usages.
    8GB is the best for todays machines, as you get lots of memory for a small premium.

    450 watts will be fine as long as the psu is of decent quality.
    Can you read me the 12V rail amperages please?

    i3 2100 is a good buy, but also the last gen i3 is cheaper and overclockable....albeit a dead end socket (1156).

    Oh yes, here it is...

    Voltage : +12V -12V
    Max Current 10A 0.5A

    Ya, i thought same about LGA 1156....but what is the main difference between lga1156 and lga1155 sockets except pins?
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