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Hey guys, A long time ago I bought a gateway PC. It came with the boston acoustics BA7900 5.1 surround system. I've built a few pc's since then, but have always used these speakers. I always thought the sound was amazing, and the bass was very powerful. Lately I've been having a problem with a short in the master volume knob on the control unit. I have to wiggle it for long periods to get the sound playing through BOTH front channels, it tries to play through just one at a time. I don't really care about the surround anymore, so just a good 2.1 system with comparable bass and power is what I'm looking for. I would just replace the control unit, but I fear this is so old I won't even be able to find the speaker system itself, let alone one component from it. Checked a couple of sites and the system was labeled out of stock. So, I think I need a new setup, but I don't want to downgrade to less sound quality. Price is no object, unless you're talking like over 500 or something. This systems sub-woofer is an 8" in a vented enclosure. Want the bass. Any suggestions?
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  1. Thank you for the links. I did look through tigerdirect, amazon and newegg for speakers. I even looked up reviews on some of these. It's just hard to know whether or not they will be as loud as my current ones, just by reading about them. I was hoping there was someone on here who has heard what the BA 7900's sound like, and new for a fact which new speakers were comparable. I know that sounds a bit ridiculous, I just don't like spending money to be disappointed. Thank you for the response!
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    Most of the logitech ones and the Edifier ones should be loud and bassy, you could get a Hi fi like this-

    And go overkill.
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  4. Thanks man, and wow, that philips is crazy,lol. 600 watts in that thing. that's awesome!
  5. Just ordered the SP2500 from corsair. Every review I read said these were amazing. I guess, given the age of my speakers, it is highly probable a new system like this won't be a step back as far as audio quality goes. Again, thank you jay_nar!
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