EVGA GTX 560 TI not recognized by Asus P8Z68 Gen3 motherboard.

Hello, like the title said, my graphics card is not working, and I can't figure out why. I've updated everything I possibly can, downloaded ever single motherboard driver, but the EVGA drivers that game with the GPU don't even recognize the "appropriate hardware" to install the drivers for. I'm running out of options, it's a computer that I just built, everything's brand new, the power supply is 850W, more than enough for everything. If anyone has any idea...I'd really appreciate it:)
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  1. Either the PCI slot for the motherboard or the graphics card is defective or you didn't place it right.
  2. Sorry if you already know this (others might not) but since your card only supports 2.0x16 and your board has 3 PCI slots (only 1 of which is 2.0) maybe you could try switching slots?(being familiar with Asus boards - I'm guessing the black one is the one you want)
  3. Have you checked the bios for video options?
  4. Did you uninstall the onboard video drivers first? Uninstall all video drivers and then Install the gpu and it's drivers. Try if you havn't already
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