Need some help for my build

Mainly its for gaming, just wondering if the following build will work or not.

Case: HAF912

CPU: i5-2500K

Mother Board: ASUS P8Z77-V LE

CPU Cooler: Hydro H60

RAM: Gamer 2 Series, Division 2 Edition DDR3 PC3-12800 Enhanced Latency Kit

Video card: EAH6770 Radeon HD 6770 1GB PCI-E

Hard Drive: 1TB Caviar Blue7200rpm SATA III

Power: eXtreme Power Plus 500 Watt

Optical drive: 24x DVD-RW Drive, SATA

And just one more question, do I need a sound card?

Thanks guys
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    Your RAM will not work with your MoBo. You have to have 1.5V rating.

    Other than that it will work but you can do better. Your MoBo is for single GPU set-ups. Perhaps a Gigabyte z77-d3h or a Asrockz77 pro3 will work for cheaper.

    Also, you need to get a good quality PSU. A faulty PSU can cause you a lot of problems and even fry your entire system. I would strongly encourage you to spend a bit more in this area. Good PSU brands include OCZ, Corsair, Seasonic etc.

    For gaming, I would spend more for a card. What is your budget?
  2. Thanks for reply :D

    So I'll just change...

    Ripjaws X Series 8GB PC3-12800 Dual Channel DDR3 - 1.5V

    And the PSU will be CX600 V2 from Corsair


    My budget is around $1000 and the current build is already around there.

    If I get the Gigabyte z77-d3h it is certaintly cheaper, but is it neccesary?
  3. Quote:
    1.65V ram will work fine, but 1.5V is recommended.

    That set of ram are great^^

    PSU is great too.

    Which set of ram and PSU you talking about?

    Just wanna make sure haha

    And if I dont get the sound card then will I have sound coming out?
  4. Quote:
    The motherboard has onboard sound.
    You have no reason for a dedicated sound card.

    For the money, i recommend this set:

    Awsome :D

    Thanks for the advice
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