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My PCI-E slot went bad on my motherboard so need a PCI video card on the cheap. Would like DirectX 11 support & must be able to play HD video, also would be nice if it was able to play some games too. Looking to spend $35 or less, note this PC is on its last leg so don't want to put any more into it.
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  1. newegg shows 54, but most are more than $35. I did not know there were any of these still available.
  2. You have to remember to add on shipping to the cost of stuff from newegg.
  3. If I go over $35 I may as well get a new motherboard, but as its a old system I do not want to put much into it. I have looked at all PCI video cards on newegg.com was hoping to find some other site that may have a cheaper card.
  4. Yes under $35 thanks, however they do not support 1080p playback and the video needs to be able to play full HD without it being choppy.
  5. You will likely have to go closer to $100 for full HD, at least based on the newegg and tigerdirect websites.
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