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Hi friends,I am Asis from India.I have an A8 3870k prcessor & xfx Raedon 6670 gpu.Normally my apu works at nearly 40c but while gaming it heats nearly 64c.I did not overclocked it and running my system via the gpu only.After closing the game the cpu becomes cool.While gaming my gpu temp is nearly the same as my cpu.Is therere any option to stable my APU temp while playing games?

My comp specifiation-

AMD A8 3870k
ASUS F1A 55 M LX plus mobo
4 gb ddr3 ram
1 gb ddr5 gpu (XFX Raedon 6670)
450wt SMPS(frontech)
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  1. normal temps, stay relaxed.
  2. over 75-80 then its starting to overheat, btw Crisan the cartman pic is awesome.
  3. You think it's strange that the APU get's hotter when it's under load? Hmmmm
  4. As those above have stated, 64c under load is stabilized. Your system is functioning normally and there is no need to worry until you see much higher temps.
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