Best gaming video card under $200

I currently have an ati Radeon HD 5670. I play games like Rift, Tera beta, GW2 when it's released.

Whats the best video card I can get for around $200 that I'll notice a difference?
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    This is the best for exactly $200, after rebate.

    Otherwise you'll want to go with a Radeon 6870.
  2. AMD Radeon HD6870 MSI HAWK OC

    or if u can , get the 560 "Ti"
  3. That's a good deal on the 560Ti they used to be $250
  4. the 560 Ti is good but at the edge of your price range.

    the 6870/560 can be had for about $160 and be very good for their price.
  5. Yes, GTX 560 Ti if rebates are ok, HD6870 if not.
  6. Thanks for the info, I picked a GFX 560 TI up today.

    My FPS are better, not outstanding though. In Rift I get about 50 FPS with settings on medium in an non populated area.

    My Specs are

    AMD Phenom II X2 550
    8.00 GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 669MHz
    1024MB GeForce GTX 560 Ti
    ASUSTeK Computer INC. M4A785TD-V EVO

    Should I be getting better FPS?
  7. Try download the newest driver..... the disc that come with the video card may not have uptodate driver...
  8. yes you will get more better fps try to overclocking your cpu then it will give performance boost to your system and gpu both and also in gaming.:)
  9. if your motherboard allows, you might be able to unlock your cpu to a quad core.
  10. oh ya you can also unclock 2 core to a quad core as esrever said.:)
  11. I've tried that, it's pretty easy to do, but I can't get windows to start once I do. It goes to the loading screen then restarts until I turn it off.
  12. what resolution are you playing at?
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