I am looking to buy a new system soon and am having trouble deciding what HDDs to use. I love the idea of RAID, but I also want a SCSI drive as well. Would it be possible to use a U160 SCSI drive as my system disk (Where the OS is installed) and 2 IDE disks in a RAID 0 configuration for large storage as I do a lot of video editing and other disk intensive tasks. I was thinking about 2 60GB IBM deskstars for the IDE RAID and an 18Gb Seagate Cheetah SCSI drive for the OS and applications, does this sound a good idea? I would really like SCSI RAID but unfortunately my Money tree doesnt flower that much. Is it really possible for me to have my cake and eat it?
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  1. If you ran W2K or WinNT

    Buy 3 SCSI boot off one of them and do raid0 through windows.

    Just an Idea...have one machine set that way works pretty good.

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  2. I would idealy just run 2 SCSI drives in a RAID 0, but I cant afford it. I need a lot of space (120GB for video and graphics work) so using SCSI isnt really a viable option, thats why I thought of IDE RAID 0 for this purpose and SCSI 160 for the OS and applications. It is more affordable.
  3. This may or may not have been changed, but the last time I tried to hook a system to boot from SCSI and store on IDE it didn't work. The system would always try to boot from the IDE. You may be able to no set the system to boot from SCSI in BIOS, but I would check it out before buying the parts.

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  4. This is the perfect solution.
    I'm currently running my W2K from a Quantum Atlas 10K II SCSI160-disk, and my data/progs go onto my HPT370-ATA100 RAID. Currently, I've installed 4 cheap Seagate 20Gb-disks, and they vrooom along just perfectly.

    Great performance for a fraction of the price;

    P.S. But DO NOT go for the cheapest RAID controller you can get, you don't want to wast the CPU time won by using SCSI on a crappy RAID controller.
    Best of luck (you made the right choice).
  5. I never buy cheap, it doesnt pay.
    Thanks for the help
  6. In response to "Buy 3 SCSI boot off one of them and do raid0 through windows.", if you mean software RAID, nt4.0 will work, but there is no Software RAID in Win2k PRO.
    I run a main drive as scsi and a storage drive ide (not raid) and it works fine. I did need to unplug the ide drive to install windows for simplicity's sake. Have fun.
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