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hey i dont know where to post this but i assume this is ok. im looking to buy a decent graphics card around £150 that can run games like battlefield 3 and mount and blade on high settings with decent fps (around 30). also if you are telling me a graphics card can you also suggest a compatible motherboard to go with it preferably under £100
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  1. If you need motherboard , what processor you have ?
    Video card MSI GTX 560Ti OC 1GB GDDR5 £155.61
  2. intel pentium d cpu 2 x 3.4ghz planning on getting an amd quad core black edition soon maybe?
  3. Buy the video card now. And in the future you can upgrade your CPU and motherboard.
  4. ok do you know what powersupply is recommended
  5. thanks for your help, for future reference could you show me a compatible motherboard that is good and under £100 thanks again
  6. But you need to change your processor too and maybe RAM ( DDR3).You need a bigger budget. 150£
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