Hardware or software problem?

I've read a lot of threads with similar problems to time, but haven't reached a solution.

I've recently bought all the parts for my pc. It is the first time I've connected everything together, but I have upgraded many parts of my old computer, so I do know where everything goes.

I'll give the specs
CPU-i5 2500k
GPU-Radeon 6850
Motherboard- Gigabyte Z68P-D3
PSU-Cosair GS600
RAM-2x 4GB DDR3 1333

I'ved connected everything and am using my old hard drive. I immediately tried playing on my new rig. I got a blue screen error, causing it to restart. It happens every time I restart, startup repair doesn't do anything.
This is what I get on display. A gigabyte screen saying the f9,f12,etc commands->A new screen with"Loading OS"->Windows 7 logo->blue screen error(half way on the windows 7 logo animation

The PSU is definitely working, tried it on my old pc, it worked. I used my old PSU onto my new pc and I still get the error.

The GPU is definitely working, test is same as above. I still get the error even without the GPU on.

The hard drive should definitely work. It still works on my old pc.

Now it leaves just the board,CPU and the RAM. For the RAM I tried just having one(and did this for each one) connected to the motherboard but it didn't make a difference. I doubt either of the RAM is faulty though.

I've just tested a set-up where I only have the PSU,motherboard and CPU connected. I get continuous short beeps(I don't think it's a finite number of beeps). I replaced the PSU with my old one, same thing happened. I then added one stick of RAM. I get one beep only. On my manual it says it's booting up if it;s only one beep.

Where can I go now? I dunno how to test if the CPU or the board is faulty. All the parts are new, could this just be a software problem? I'm really lost.

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  1. Oh and I don't have another working 1155 socket cpu to test whether the cpu is faulty.
  2. bump

    anyone have any ideas on how to solve my situation?
  3. I have solved my problem.

    It was because the stuff in my old hard drive was conflicting with all my new hardware. Had to reinstall windows again.
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