How do i watercool NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 560Ti

how can i watercool my graphic card MSI NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 560Ti-Hawk 1gb. i got corsair H100 Cpu watercooling system now, would like some watercooling for my graphic card someone know anything about my card and best settings for my card also / overclock help, Ram goes only with 666 mhz and its a 16 gb Vengeance 1600mhz rams. ? dont understand, heeelp :kaola:
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  1. Vengence RAM seems to get set wrong on a lot of boards. To fix this you'll need to enter BIOS at system startup and manually set the RAM to 1600MHz, also check that timing is set appropriately for your model RAM.

    As for water cooling your 560 Ti, you may want to rethink that. The added expense would be too great for just a video card setup to make it worthwhile. The MSI Hawk is a great card and shouldn't need water cooling anyways unless the noise annoys you. Most people are able to hit 1050-1100MHz on those cards with max voltage easily which is almost a 30% OC from stock. Even water cooling won't get you much better than that.

    If you want an intermediate solution I know PNY makes a GTX 580 that has the equivalent of an H60 bolted onto it for cooling. I think it's quite spendy though...
  2. uhh, nice card, i like it, but my card is nearly new, cant sell it i think.
    and i dont have that kind of money right now, i spend at Edifier s550 sorround system ;)
  3. but ill rethink it ;) i dont need it, what can you say out of my specs that i could get a better one for my gaming settings..

    it would be better if someone was here irl and helped me overclock and upset my pc, its ignoring with my card temp viewer on display ;) i have OCD . even a small part piss me off sometimes ;)
  4. Your PC looks great based on your member info, what games are you playing and what kind of resolutions and frames per second are you shooting for?

    What kind of temps are you currently seeing on your 560Ti that you don't like? If your fps are high enough in your games you could always down clock your 560 Ti to reduce noise/temps.

    The other option for lowering temps is to pick up a VGA cooler from someone like Arctic Cooling. I've got a couple of Accelero Twin Turbo II's on my 560's Ti's and they run around 60'C at full blast OC'd to 900MHz. I don't know how much of an improvment over the Hawk that might be though...
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