How much cooling is enough?

Right now im using a stock LGA775 intel cooler, I got the PSU fan and the back fan.

Will installing an extra fan in front (one that pulls air from the outside to the inside) be a huge help in general cooling of my system? (maybe install one on the side too?)

I'll be getting GW2 soon and i hear that it makes systems get hot (at least those like mine)

core2duo e6600
radeon hd 4670
300w psu
320 gb sata hd

note: id play GW2 on 1024x768 res.
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    an added fan will improve temps but an aftermarket CPU cooler will do more good if your CPU is approaching toasty temps.

    an FYI article
  2. It would help in the overall temp of the inside of the case if you put more fans in the frot would be good as it will blow onto the hard drive rack and the side panel will be even better since that one will blow fresh air directly onto the motherboard and feed the cpu and gpu fans with cooler outside air.
    The stock cpu cooler is only good for average temps and if you get a game that drives up the cpu temps then the stock cooler struggles to dissapate the heat.

    This cooler is $29.99 after a $5 rebate and would take care of any heat from the game. You can do the addinf fans first to see what that does and then keep this option in your back pocket in case you have to go with it if the fans don't quite do it.
    Usually a game will affect the video card more and with that blowing the hot air out the rear the case should be ok with a side fan giving fresh cool air to the video card.
    The bad thing about stock coolers is that they just blow the heated air into the case and a heatsink /fan like the Cooler Master will direct the hot air towards the rear fan.
  3. ill add a side cooler, according to the article that ct1615 posted.
  4. raz14 said:
    ill add a side cooler, according to the article that ct1615 posted.

    you can always download HWmonitor (its free) and play around with the fan position from front to side and see how your case does.
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