C-60 or E-300 or anything more powerful?

Hello there, first I would like to thanks for your time to read and respond in my thread. :)

I figured out that I need a laptop. I've been looking and found 2 different processors at same price. C-60(1 GHz , 1.33 GHz turbo) and E-300(1.30 GHz).

Now I've been wondering which one would perform better in Microsoft Studio and Office programs, browsing the web, watching YouTube at max. 480p and playing games(CoD1,2 and maybe 4, Diablo 2 and Quake3(and its mod called Urban Terror).

Or should I wait and buy something more powerful?

Also, are any of youtube videos correct? I've watched people playing BF3, CoD6 at quite playable rates.

http://us.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/model/NU.SGPAA.011 <--- An example that I would buy.

I'm sorry if this(or similar) question was posted before, I was abusing search function for a quite a while.

I did my researches and I found those two pretty the same. I was told that I would get the real answer over here.

Thanks again
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  1. The E-300 will probably be more powerful.

    What is your budget, we might be able to find you something better.
  2. @jay_nar2012 My budget would be from 300 to 400 euros (372 - 497 dollars). And, so you say E-300 would perform better in upper listed things? (get games to be playable on low as possible settings).

    @SinisterSalad Thanks for your response, it's taken under consideration. Just a quick question, will those extra warranties work in Europe(Slovenia, to be exactly)?
  3. I would probably snag this one for the price range:
    jay's selection is great for general computing stuff, but will fall very short in any sort of gaming senarios.
  4. The GPU (intel HD 3000) can play games fine on low as the OP wanted.
    The CPU is also is more faster than the AMD ones.

    With the Intel ones you get a stronger CPU and a weaker GPU.
    With the AMD one you get a stronger GPU and weaker CPU.
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