Fractal Design Arc Mini n fan control

Hello there.

I'm going to build a new PC with this FD Arc Mini.

The standard airflow is the following:

Standard fans that is, would that be sufficient for OC'ing a 3570k to 4.2ghz and possibly the GPU aswell?
I'm thinking maybe adding another 2 fans, 1 intake and 1exhaust, where intake would be at the bottom and exhaust at the top.

What's your guys experience with OC'ing in this case?

2nd question about fan control: Anyone know if the pre-installed fans coming with this case can be controlled by the mobo?

Cheers :bounce:
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  1. yeah that case should be fine for a 4.2ghz OC. What is more important is what CPU heat sink are you planning on using?
  2. The evo 212+ .. seems like the best one, unless I wanna pay twice the price for D14.

    Oh, and do you have any idea if I can control the pre-installed fans with the mobo?
  3. Actually I'd prefer to go with the Fractal Design Define Mini case instead. Then I'll install 3*Cooler Master Blade Master 120mm, 1 intake, 2 exhaust.

    Would the above setup be good enough to keep an 3570 OC'ed to 4.2ghz below 70C?

    Thanks a lot for any guesses.. since I got no clue myself.
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