Problem booting Windows 7 - Please help! :(

Hey guys. I built my new PC last night (i7-2700k, 16GB RAM etc.), and i have tried installing windows 7 via the optical drive.

I successfully installed it, set up username and password, and it went to the desktop. Everything seemed to be ok, mouse was working fine. Then, after 10-20 seconds, it suddenly said "Logging off" and "Shutting down". The PC shut down, and restarted.

The BIOS flashes up very briefly, then "Press any key to boot from CD/DVD..." very quickly, then the monitor loses its input and goes blank. Whilst this is happening, the fans in the PC are going slow then suddenly fast for a second, and the various POST red LED's around the motherboard turn on and off in turn. It appears that the one for the boot device stays on the longest, but i'm not sure.

It may be hard to understand what i'm saying, so i've uploaded a video so you can see what's happening:

I've tried formatting the SSD and reinstalling windows 4 times now, with no success.. If anyone can help, i would really appreciate it. Thanks!
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  1. GFXZombie,

    your description was very good, and I watched the entire video too. everything looks like it is working okay until the computer suddenly shuts down and starts restarting. I know you mentioned you are using a SSD. I'm curious, do you have a regular HD to install windows on and try it and see if it works okay?
  2. Hello,

    Can you tell us what exact hardware you have? All of it, model names and numbers.

    What happens if you try to boot into safe mode? Does it only start to shut down once you click on the start menu?

    I noticed your network connection trying to connect in your taskbar - was there anything else trying to load while you clicked on the start menu and it started to shut down?

    Is this a legitimate copy of Win 7 ultimate?

    Edit: In addition to the network connection comment - are you using a wired connection or wireless? If wired try unplugging it for now, if wireless try switching it off for now, temporarily.

    If your Win 7 is legit, is your disc scratched for it?
  3. What model motherboard are you using? Try RAM in just slots 1+3. Also, swap the RAM around- you might have a bad stick. Also, what power supply are you using? Can it carry the load?

    Nice NZXT case, BTW, I have the Phanton mk I.
  4. No sorry, i don't have a separate HDD.. BUT, i tried the SSD with windows installed in my laptop and it works fine.. :/

    Intel Core i7 2700k
    Asus P8Z77-V PRO motherboard
    Corsair H60 CPU cooler
    16GB Corsair Vengeance RAM
    NZXT Phantom 410 case
    Corsair ZX 850W (80+ Gold Certified) PSU
    Crucial M4 128GB SSD

    Try to boot into safe mode -> Asks me if i want to boot from the SSD, optical drive or enter setup. If i boot from the optical drive, then i can enter the various safe modes etc. If i boot from the SSD, the same thing as before happens so i can't boot at all.

    No i shuts down no matter what i do, it's on a 20s time delay or something like that.

    No i don't think so..

    Ummmm.. no it's torrented, sorry.. but it's a disk i made for a mate and it worked perfectly fine on his new system (pretty similar to mine).

    I'm using wireless, so i'll try turning it off.

    yeah i was considering getting the bigger phantom but this was £40 cheaper :)

    Forgot to say earlier: I have another thread the same as this over at overclockers forums, and i may have answered some of your further questions there:

    Thanks a lot for the replies!
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