Slim HTPC-like CPU with dual-slot pcie

I've been thinking of building a desktop for sometime now since i got a new house and got space for a 'slim' desktop.
Been looking around for a case but nothing really fits so far...

- smaller than a mini-tower along the size of a ITX.
- Standable on its side. (like the Antec 1480:
- ATX PSU (no to TFX, Flex, etc. those are a pain to get hold of)
- Dual-slot full height (intending to fit a mid-range card like the 560 nonGTX or something around the likes)
- mATX motherboard

the closest i got was some Lian Li s

the nice C37 that uses an ATX PSU... but the low-profile PCIE kills the deal.

and the similar C36 with dual-slot fullheight PCIe with riser... but the i'm not touching its TFX PSU with a 10foot pole.

both are not really 'standable' at all either

anyone got any good alternatives around?

sorta like the C36 but with ATX and standable (thats all it needs to be perfect!)

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  1. Why do you need a "stand up" case?
    If you have a restrictive space available, what dimensions can you handle?

    Will a m-ITX motherboard do?
  2. i'm using a Silverstone ML03 Black Slim HTPC Case in my media build looks alot like that lain-li case lol
    not able to sit upright like u want but i'm using it with a SFX type power supply from silverstone 450watt 80+ bronze and the gt430 card i got in it does the job for a low profile card

    i just built a mini pc for a mate in a Antec ISK110 VESA Mini-ITX
    running on intel board and I3 530 , no dvd drive but usb3 and e-sata in case he wants to use a external setup
    no much room though inside (ouchy ... finger....blood ....)

    how about using an Antec Minuet 350 Slimline PC Case ? standable but low profile

    like you say , needing too fit that 560 in there going push the case size up
    something like
    Fractal Design Define Min ,Fractal Design Arc Mini ,Lian Li PC-A05FN ,Fractal Design Core 3000
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