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Anyways... Hi! I am stuck between 2 different monitors to buy, one is LCD, one is LED and I am wondering which one to get. I will be using the monitor for light gaming and movies. the LED monitor is here:
and the LCD one here:

If one of them will just produce a flat out better image, then I will go with that one. also, if anyone has any other monitors that are good for under $170 then feel free to post them :) Thanks in advance!
P.S. This is under the graphics card subsection because there isn't a better place to categorize it as...
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  2. striker410 said:

    I considered this monitor because my friend has one but I just can't get past the look :/ It seems like a nice monitor and I wish I liked it...

    EDIT: after looking over friends monitor, I found that it is not in fact the same monitor... I still am not too convinced of the look judging by amazons pictures but it is a possibility.

    EDIT (again): Newegg has more pictures and it looks like the bottom section which I found ugly is smaller than previously expected.
  3. Found this after trolling newegg for monitors:
  4. Ok My opinion has drastically changed in the last 45 minutes and I now think i will get the ml228H :P thanks for that link!
  5. No problem haha.
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