My display graphics are bad i need video/gtaphis card reader with driver both ma

i am a novice to computing, that said i do not see why when i type in that i need to download video/graphics card and card reader and corresponding driver(s) the message i get is some variation of we do not know what you mean, what am i leaving out i always say my program is WINDOWS VISTA HOME PREMIUM 32-bit. my display colors are so bad there nearly un-readable. I am in nursing home finances are bad so if you could direct me to a way i can download what i need free, i thank you profously thanks dale miles E-Mail
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  1. You should not ever give out personal information on here and it is one of the rules. If you can edit it take out your e-mail address and use your first name only.

    To edit in your lower left side of your thread are three icons the first one is edit. Do that before anybody can help you. Then once that is done then post your PC's spec's.

    Like your CPU and your power supply and ram, graphic card, mother board, hard drive, etc. Then well have more info to help you resolve your problem.
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