EVGA GTX 560 2GB Super Clocked (Not 260!!)

I've searched but got nothing too solid. I'm looking to get back into some moderate gaming. I decided to go CompUSA and bought EVGAs GTX 560 2GB Super Clocked cause they didn't have the 560 ti at the time. Which is kinda what I wanted. My question is, I know some say if it's not 4 steps above then don't bother. I paid $266 total for the card and still deciding on either to return it or keep it. Now another thing is I've played a few games and it's been average so far, I know this has to do with my Dual core AMD and a 450W PSU. I'm planning on upgrading those as well to something like a 6 core AMD, yadda yadda.

Question is, is it worth holding on to the card I have now, did I over pay? I'm looking to play the latest titles maxed out and not really sacrifice too much. With my current setup, I've been able to do COD-MW3 maxed and manage 30-40fps, just cause 2 maxed 20-30fps. Am I missing out between the 2 cards? Thanks for any help!

Had to edit. The card I have is a 560 SC 2GB, not a 260.
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  1. Did you just buy the card new? Cause yes it is old and for $266 there is so much better out there!
  2. Yes bought it brand new from CompUSA about 3 days ago now. I figured I over payed. Dang it.
  3. Return it!! A gtx 560Ti cab be had for less than that on newegg...some in the sub-$200.00 range after rebate. In fact they had a refurbished 260 for $100 not long ago. I just went from a gtx260 core216 to a 560Ti 448core this week and the difference is unbelievable.
    You should definately check newegg, you could get the 560Ti, and a decent power supply for $266.00
    This corsair 600watt psu and evga 560Ti are less than 250 after rebate..less than $266 before
  4. Take back the card and go with the cards you wanted and most of upgrade your CPU and your PSU and buy the good brands of PSU's like Corsair, Antec, Seasonic, and XFX.

    Even though the 260's are a good card but they are on there way out as a lot of card are. I believe you spent way too much money on that card super clocked or not. For that same price you could of got a 560 ti OC'd as well.
  5. return that card.

    you can get a 560 ti for that price easy.
  6. What amd dual core cpu do you have..if it's an older athlon 64X2, a 560 non-Ti might be sufficient.
  8. Sorry guys!!! It's not a 260, I mean't a EVGA 560 Super Clocked 2GB!!!

    Sorry the wrong info!!!!!!
  9. Oh, well thats differerent. In my opinion, you paid a bit too much,, but not significantly considering its superclocked and has 2gb of ram. Not sure how usefull the extra ram is...unless you are gaming at very high resolutions
  10. I would still return it and buy a 560 ti from newegg or other online retailer.

    You didn't get nearly as hosed as I previously thought.
  11. I do infact have a AMD Athlon 64 X2 at 5600+, overclocked it to 2.9 GHZ, not a big increase.

    As far as gaming. My resolutions are always set to 1920x1080. The only game I actually saw use over 1GB was GTA 4 when i was configuring the settings.
  12. My motherboard is a ASUS M4A78 Pro has a AM3 socket and can handle up to certain 6-cores and has DDR2, is it worth getting a new board and all or am I pretty good where I'm at with upgrading the CPU and PSU?
  13. im suprized knowone has mentioned this card 20$ more and it performs like a gtx 570.I couldnt even reccomend the regular 560 ti anymore when the 448 cores are only about 20$ more and like a 10-20% increase in performance over a standard ti
  14. That card i posted was 260$ a week ago.Watch for deals you will see them for 260$ soon enough and for that price no way would i take a standard ti or a 570 over that.Even at 280$ the 560 ti 448 is better bang for your buck then a 570 gtx.Heck the 448 core even beats it in a few games.there is like a 3% difference between the 2.thats not worth 40-50$ to me
  15. How do you guys feel about the SPARKLE Calibre Series X560 Ti DF GeForce GTX 560 Ti?
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    All the chips in the Nvidia card come from one sourse. Then they are ship to the manufacturer and that is were the cards are made. Like XFX, Evga, MSI etc. The thing you want to watch for.

    Is Warranty, customer service, or just a brand that you have had good luck in the past with. So it really doesn't matter what brand because they all have the same chip so in a sence they are all good.

    The 560 ti 2GB would be good for the game BF3 and/or more than one monitor and/or res higher than 1920 x 1200. I hope this helps a litte and good luck to you.
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