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Win 7 64-bit Touchpad scroll bar

My dad is working on a Dell Studio 1735 laptop and can't get the scroll bar to work. He's tried going into mouse settings but a scroll bar option wasn't there. He also tried to update drivers and check the touch pad settings to no avail. Anyone know the solution? In dell support there is no win 7 64-bit option.
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    So it looks like your original OS was Vista for that laptop. It appears there doesn't seem to be a driver for Win -7 64bit for the touchpad.

    BTW I looked up your laptop and apparently it has an ALPS touchpad. What version - this I do not know.

    However i'm not sure if this will work for you, but try it out:

    (read the reply)
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  3. Thanks for the help!
  4. Hey no problem. It worked? Just in case anyone else has a similar issue.
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