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What can my computer run with these upgrades? (Gaming)

I'm looking to upgrade my computer but I need to know what to get and what it will run with these things.

Current computer, Dell Inspiron 570-factory everything with 4 gigs of RAM, factory graphics card-HORRIBLE, AMD Athlon™ II X2 Processor 250 (3.0GHz, 1M, 2C), screen is a VGA connected 1600X900.

Looking to get a few more gigs so 6 or 8 gigs of RAM, EVGA - GeForce GTX 550 Ti 2GB GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 Graphics Card and a new power supply like 450W. Should I also get a new processor? I'm not looking for hardcore or serious gaming, I just want to be able to run all medium level games like Anno 2070 at max settings and some higher up games at OK or good settings-not Crysis 2 at 90 fps on max. So what will my computer run with this new stuff and should i consider anything else-(new processor?)


P.s. I'm on a bit of a budget here also
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    No, don't get that card, I don't recommend it. I recommend you 6770/5770 1GB only, because that'd save money much (preferably for your upgrade of your CPU). Your card is maybe $150, while 6770/5770 1GB is maybe just below $120. Therefore it has the same performance. 2GB is also useless at your resolution really.

    6770/5770 needs something like this:

    Seems OK with your configuration (5770/6770), it should play Crysis 2 & Anno 2070, but not 90 fps maxed, we don't really need 90, 40 is even enough.

    Oh yes, make sure you have the non slim version of the dell.

    Whatever you do, just good luck :).

    Here is a good 6770:
  2. Wow, the one I submitted above was 199$ at bestbuy. So this thing is compatible with my computer and it will run the same for about 80$ cheaper? Again in the way of CPUs do you have any recomedations for my computer that would be compatible? One more thing, the card I am getting was this one-it says its overclocked on the box.

    But this card will play even BF3? If so, what settings-again im not looking for maxed out with a high frame rate, im fine with playing High end games on med settings to get a smooth frame rate. And Im assuming the power supply you gave me will suport the card well?

    Thanks a ton for you help
  3. bestbuy is way overpriced
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